Net migration figures make mockery of Cameron’s empty promises

The latest all time high net migration figures make a complete mockery of David Cameron’s empty promises to bring immigration down, said local UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott.

“These figures released by the Office for National Statistics show a borderless Britain and demonstrate the impotence of our government in the face of this constant tide of migration.

“As well as the abject failure to secure our borders from illegal immigrants who pour in every day, we are powerless to limit those legitimately coming from EU states while we remain tied to the EU.

“We now host eight million people born outside of the UK – 12.5% of the UK population and rising.

“Our public services cope with more than a million illegal migrants who have disappeared into the black economy. We have to provide schools and healthcare for hundreds of thousands of children of migrants born here and we are now the third most densely populated country in the EU after Malta and Belgium,” said Mr Arnott, UKIP’s EU budget spokesman.

“Unless the Prime Minister successfully renegotiates the principle of free movement the only way answer to this increasing problem is to leave the EU as soon as possible.

“Immigration is now the biggest issue concerning the British public and our traditional sympathies for refugees fleeing war torn countries are being blunted by ‘migration fatigue’.

“If EU rules didn’t mean we have to take millions of economic migrants we would be in a better position to offer more places to refugees from war torn regions. In my view this means that EU migration rules are making Britain a less generous country. That is something which we must reverse.”

Figures released by the ONS today show net migration to the UK reached 330,000 in the year to March.

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