Question to the Commission – Protect and Provide Livelihoods in Lebanon project (PPLL)

Question to the Commission for written answer E-008838/2015

Subject: Protect and Provide Livelihoods in Lebanon project (PPLL)

Can the Commission please confirm the specific amount of funding provided to the Protect and Provide Livelihoods in Lebanon (PPLL) project? How can this project be justified at a time of austerity within the Member States?


Answer given by Mr Hahn on behalf of the Commission (12.8.2015)

Solidarity is one of the essential foundations of the European Union. The European Union is committed to helping the people in need suffering the consequences of the terrible war in Syria. Moreover, it is to be noted that it is also in the interest of the EU to ensure peace, stability and prosperity in our immediate neighbourhood.

Since 2013 the Commission has mobilised substantial funding for development actions supporting the livelihood, education and basic social services for Syrian refugees and strengthening the resilience of their host communities in Lebanon. In this context, the Commission has also provided a grant of EUR 895,568 for the implementation of the project referred to by the Honourable Member. This project is designed to mitigate the impact of the Syrian refugee crisis on Lebanese host communities by assisting small and medium agricultural producers to adjust to the new reality and strengthen coping mechanisms. Unfortunately, the support given by the Commission and the Member States is hardly enough for the dire needs of the country. Lebanon is currently hosting almost 1.2 million Syrian refugees, amounting to a quarter of its population and the stability of the country is under severe strain. The country has the highest ratio in the world of refugee per inhabitants. This figure is in addition to an estimated 42,000 Palestinians from Syria, 250,000 Palestinians already in Lebanon and 16,000 Iraqi refugees. Other vulnerable groups include around 33,000 Lebanese returnees, and over 1 million vulnerable Lebanese living under the poverty threshold of 4 USD/day.

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