Cameron blasted over payment of £1.7bn EU bill

Local MEP Jonathan Arnott has blasted David Cameron over payment of a £1.7bn EU bill.

When the sum was demanded from Britain by Brussels last October after a review of  member states economies the Prime Minister vowed that the money would not be paid.

But it has just been revealed that, despite George Osborne later saying the bill had been halved following negotiations, payment has been made in full.

North East Euro-MP Mr Arnott, who sits of the EU Budget Committee said today,

“For Cameron to label this bill as appalling and completely unacceptable and yet pay it in full shows the sort of politics this man is wiling to deal in.

“It is deceitful, hypocritical and it stinks of the old politics of which people are sick. It truly is a case of the EU saying ‘pay up’ and Cameron saying ‘how much?’

“He has promised an EU referendum by the end of 2017 and when that long awaited day comes I hope people will decisively vote to leave – the only way to ensure we decide how our money is spent and not Brussels bureaucrats,” he said.

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