Commission Question – Germany’s failure to comply with EU airport security law

Question to the Commission for written answer E-010271/2015

Rule 130

Jonathan Arnott (EFDD)

Subject: Germany’s failure to comply with EU airport security law

It is understood that a case will be referred to the Court of Justice for a decision as to whether Germany failed to fully comply with EU airport security regulations.

Does the Commission know of any other Member States which have also failed to comply and, if so, what action will be taken in respect of this?



Answer given on behalf of the Commission by Ms Bulc (7.9.2015) 

The Commission continuously monitors the application of the Union’s aviation security legislation and is regularly conducting aviation security inspections in all Member States in order to verify the effectiveness of their national quality control programmes regarding civil aviation security.

It is in the context of such an inspection that the Commission established that Germany did not respect the legal requirements and decided that the case should be referred to the Court of Justice.

Should Commission inspections reveal in future that other Member States fail to fulfill the legal requirements, appropriate steps, up to the referral to the EU Court of Justice, if necessary, shall be taken.

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