Commission Question – Hydroelectric projects in Africa

Question for written answer E-010264/2015

to the Commission

Rule 130

Jonathan Arnott (EFDD)

Subject: Hydroelectric projects in Africa

Has the EU provided any financial or technical assistance to African states in the fields of hydroelectric power infrastructure?

Could the Commission please provide details of any costs



Answer given by Mr Mimica

on behalf of the Commission


The EU supports the construction of hydroelectric plants in Africa and their connection to national and international electricity grids. This has been mainly funded through the EU-Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund.1 Support has been provided for all stages of project development (identification, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, assistance in implementation and co-funding of investment costs through interest rate subsidies).

Since 2007, EUR 52 million has been committed for hydroelectric projects through the EU-Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund. The total average construction cost of hydroelectric plants co-funded by the EU amounts to EUR 2 860 per kW installed.

1  See ‘Agreement constituting the implementation rules of the EU-Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund’, signed on 20th July 2006 between the European Commission (EC) and the European Investment Bank (EIB). The Commission is the Founding Donor (initial funding from the intra-ACP envelope under 9th EDF and later adding resources from 10th EDF) but 12 other Member States have also contributed funding since 2007. Implementation is through joint management with the EIB.

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