Gulf States should help refugee crisis

In the wake of David Cameron’s announcement today on Syrian refugees UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott has made a plea for the rich Gulf states ‘to do their bit.”

“The six Gulf countries which have so far offered no resettlement places to these refugees really should be taking some.

“Most of these countries are among the richest on the globe following oil exports. They can afford to help and they certainly should do. They are near neighbours of Syria and have far more in common culturally than with Europe, and certainly than with Britain,” said Mr Arnott, Euro-MP for the North East.

“This is a global crisis and I think everyone has to do their bit, including us and including Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman.

“The migrant plight has divided opinion here and that is because we have already taken in so many immigrants, thanks partly to the EU’s free movement rules, that many people are suffering migrant fatigue.

“We allowed 636,000 new immigrants into this country the last year. Roughly 96% were economic migrants. If you want to know why some people seem to lack compassion, it’s because our uncontrolled mass immigration system has enormous social consequences and puts many local people out of work.

“Stem that flow of mass immigration, and the vast majority of people will recognise the legitimate humanitarian concerns over Syria.

“Meanwhile the issues that need to be addressed are the underlying causes but they get scant mention from the Westminster elite as they know that will raise troubling questions about Western involvement in foreign strife,” he said.

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