Jonathan Arnott MEP comments on the recent controversial tweets from the Prime Minister

David Cameron tweet


David Cameron has faced  criticism after his official Twitter account tweeted about the Northern Powerhouse – but left out the North East.

When asked about the tweets North East UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott commented: “I’m not as bothered about the PM forgetting to include the North East in tweets about the Northern Powerhouse, as I am about him forgetting the North East in the so-called ‘powerhouse’ itself.

“We’ve seen plans for improvements to our rail network downgraded and delayed, and the latest proposals for the A1 will dual a pitiful 13 miles of the main highway from England to Edinburgh.

“Until we have the transport links to be an economic powerhouse, we won’t be one – whatever David Cameron wants to call it.

“He’s giving us the crumbs under the table, and perhaps in that tweet the mask has slipped a little.

“The Northern Powerhouse needs new batteries in the North East.”

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