Commission Question – Allocation of funding for cross-border cooperation

Question for written answer E-010273/2015

to the Commission

Rule 130

Jonathan Arnott (EFDD)

Subject: Allocation of funding for cross-border cooperation

How much funding has been given to candidate countries for cross-border cooperation since their application to become a full member of the EU, with particular reference to Montenegro, which applied for EU membership on 15 December 2008?



Answer given by Mr Hahn

on behalf of the Commission


EU assistance to Cross-border Cooperation (CBC) in the Western Balkan region is provided through the Instruments for Pre-accession IPA (period 2007-2013) and IPA II (period 2014-2020) and the following types of Programmes:

– CBC between 2 IPA beneficiaries. 11 Programmes (3 with Croatia as IPA beneficiary before EU accession) are implemented in the period 2007-2013 with an overall budget of EUR 100 million of which EUR 18.4 million for Montenegro. For the period 2014-2020, 8 programmes are on-going with a budget of EUR 85 million of which 37.1 for Programmes in which Montenegro participates.

– CBC between one EU Member State and IPA beneficiaries (ERDF and IPA funding).   8 Programmes (2 with Croatia as non-member state before EU accession) are implemented under IPA, with a budget of EUR 120 million. Montenegro does not participate. Under IPA II, EUR 227.81 million have been allocated to 10 Programmes. Montenegro participates in 2 Programmes (HR-BiH-MNE and IT-AL-MNE) with an overall budget for the IPA II beneficiaries of EUR 67.97 million.

– Transnational Cooperation Programmes (TCP) funded through different instruments: ERDF, IPA/IPAII, ENPI/ENI.  In the period 2007-2013, IPA contribution has been provided for 2 Programmes:

1.     Adriatic Ionian CBC Programme with an IPA budget of  EUR 113.8 million;

2.     South East Europe TCP with an IPA budget of EUR 26.9 million;

Montenegro participates in both Programmes.

Under IPA II, 4 Programmes are under implementation with an overall budget of EUR 50 million (Montenegro participating in 3 of them) broken down as follows:

1.     Danube TCP, EUR 19.82 million;

2.     Adriatic-Ionian Programme EUR 15.68 million;

3.     Mediterranean Programme, EUR 9.35 million;

4.     Balkan-Mediterranean Programme, EUR 5.12 million.

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