Commission Question – BBC funding and impartiality

Question for written answer E-008852/2015

to the Commission

Rule 130

Jonathan Arnott (EFDD) and Julia Reid (EFDD)

Subject: BBC funding and impartiality

The BBC has received EUR 4 975 000 for media sector reform in the Southern Mediterranean region. What are the specific aims of this project?

Is there any requirement for the European Union or its values to be promoted as part of this project, and, if so, how does this fit in with the BBC’s charter requirement to impartiality?



Answer given by Mr Hahn

on behalf of the Commission


In January 2014, the European Commission launched the MedMedia project with a value of EUR 4 975 000. The service contract was awarded to a consortium led by BBC Media Action including as partners the International Federation of Journalists, IREX Europe, Blanquerna Communications School, the Federation of Arab Journalists and the Jordan Media Institute. The tendering procedure was an open procedure. Candidates were free to form the consortia which seemed the most appropriate and to apply with a project proposal in line with the Terms of Reference, proposing the methodology most appropriate considering their skills, competences and resources in order to reach the set objectives.

The overall aim of the project is to reinforce the role of media as vector for democratisation and contribute to the development of a more public service oriented media landscape in the southern Mediterranean as well as contribute to the creation and development of public sphere in the region.

The specific objectives are:

·     To accompany the process of restructuring the media sector in the ENP South countries and to develop the capacities in the media sector based on a bottom up approach so that they could fulfil their role as independent and professional watchdogs.

·     To improve level of contacts between media practitioners from the region facilitating their work at local and regional level.

·     To make available the overview of the media sector to relevant decision makers and media practitioners.

The consortium has to respect the visibility guidelines of the European Commission when implementing this project. These visibility guidelines ensure that the EU can be identified as the donor.

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