Commission Question – Minting euro coins

Question for written answer E-010267/2015

to the Commission

Rule 130

Jonathan Arnott (EFDD)

Subject: Minting euro coins

There has been a recent row between France and Belgium over the minting of 2.5-euro coins marking Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo. Could the Commission please clarify the powers of Member States to mint euro coinage of both standard and non-standard denominations?



Answer given by Mr Moscovici

on behalf of the Commission


Member States of the euro-area are responsible for the issuance of euro coins. These coins are legal tender in all euro-area Member States. As the coins circulate throughout the entire euro-area, the Member States consult each other of new national designs of euro coins to avoid that a design is likely to create adverse reactions amongst citizens in other euro-area Member States. The power to approve the new designs is conferred on the Council.

Euro-area Members States can also issue euro collector coins. The face value and image of collector coins are different from those used for euro circulation coins and their colour, diameter and weight differ from circulation coins for at least two of these characteristics. Euro collector coins are not intended for circulation and they are legal tender only on the territory of the issuing country. Therefore, the designs of euro collector coins are approved at national level.

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