North East Premier League teams praised

Local MEP Jonathan Arnott has voiced delight that both the North East’s Premier League football teams have emerged with favourable results from the 2015 edition of the BBC’s “The Price of Football” study.

“At £25 the cheapest Sunderland match-day ticket is 19% below the league average, whilst at Newcastle the cheapest ticket costs £27, which is 12% below the league average.

“As a lifelong football fan I appreciate that even at these prices however the cost of football, especially in the Premier League, remains too high.  But I still think that it is worth praising these two local teams, who are not in as strong of financial position as some of their rivals, for not exploiting local fans, unlike many of their Premier League rivals.

“Times are tough here in the North East; the economic success enjoyed by other areas of the UK has not been felt here.  Unemployment is the highest in the UK and just released figures released show that it continued to rise even higher in recent months. Many of those in employment are having to work second jobs just to make ends meet,” said Mr Arnott, UKIP Euro-MP.

“In an era when Premier League TV funding continues to exceed the GDP of some small countries, and is continuing to rise, local fans must not be priced out of football and the next generation must be able know what it is like to see their footballing heroes in real life, not just on TV.”


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