Commission Question – Completion date for the Europa building

Question for written answer E-008845/2015/rev.1

to the Council

Rule 130

Jonathan Arnott (EFDD)

Subject: Completion date for the Europa building

Does the Council have a planned completion date set for the construction of the Europa building (seat of the European Council) on Rue de la Loi 155 in Brussels? Could the Council also provide a breakdown of costs to date?





The latest completion date for the Europa building, as communicated by the Belgian Public Buildings Administration, is the end of December 2015. Taking into account the time needed for the provisional acceptance and for rendering the installations and services operational, the earliest date on which the Europa building could be occupied is September 2016.

The ceiling for the total project costs, at January 2004 prices, is EUR 240 million. This represents EUR 325 million at March 2015 prices.

The current estimate for the final construction costs provided by the Belgian Public Buildings Administration, at January 2004 prices, is EUR 228 million. At March 2015 prices, this represents EUR 309 million – an amount falling below the ceiling established.

These construction costs are broken down, at January 2004 prices, into EUR 20 million for demolition and EUR 208 million for construction (EUR 28 million and EUR 281 million respectively at March 2015 prices).

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