Council should save museum by selling off artworks

MEP Jonathan Arnott is calling on Durham County Council to sell off its hidden artworks to save the closure-threatened Durham Light Infantry Museum.

The council has approved plans to close its Aykley Heads site next summer and place most of its collection in storage, causing local anger and an opposition petition which has already attracted more than 3,500 names.

“This is clearly a much loved museum in the county and I support local people who are opposed to its closure,” said Mr Arnott, UKIP’s local Euro-MP.

“The council have reached their decision because of annual savings of  £221,000 but I think they should instead look to sell off their £1.6m worth of artworks – most of which is not even on show.

“Rather than adding to their hidden collection with much loved artefacts from this famous regiment they should be selling off some of their artworks to ensure that the museum remains open,” said Mr Arnott.

“Councils need to remember that they work for their constituents and their views need to be properly considered, after all they are the taxpayers whose hard earned cash pays for local services,” he added.

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