Cramlington failure shows work is needed to keep our world-class emergency NHS

Local UKIP MEP Jonathan reacts to photographs showing patients lying on stretchers waiting at A&E – with a whistleblower claiming waits of up to 2 hours and claims ‘it’s only a matter of time’ before someone dies.

“These allegations are deeply worrying. Our NHS is rightly a world leader when it comes to delivering life-saving and emergency treatment.

When something goes badly wrong, as it appears it is doing here, action needs to be taken immediately. I commend the whistleblower’s bravery in coming forward, but we shouldn’t have to wait for a whistleblower to point out what must have already been well known to officials.

Seriously ill patients should not be waiting in corridors, and we shouldn’t be closing hospital A&E departments – creating overcrowding, adding to patients’ travel times and the risk of death.

I call for a full, swift investigation to determine what is going wrong and to make sure that the situation is rectified immediately.”

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