Letters – Could our political leaders not find more pressing issues to address than Donald Trump?

Dear Editor,

On Monday Parliament spent several hours debating about US celebrity (and occasional politician) Donald Trump. Earlier in the day Tata Steel had announced over 1000 job losses across the UK (another dark day for the already crippled UK Steel Industry.) Here in the North East, Hartlepool will be impacted by the Tata job losses and people in Berwick are also coming to the terms with the loss of over 200 much needed jobs at Jus- Rol as the company are moving production to Greece.

Simultaneously David Cameron’s feeble EU negotiation rumbles on, the NHS continues to be faced with the possibility of further strikes by medical staff (not to mention the numerous other crises that face our Health Service) and countless other political issues continue to impact the everyday lives of millions of people in the UK.

I have found myself wondering if perhaps our political leaders could find more pressing issues to address than Donald Trump and his annoying brand of shock jock politics?


Jonathan Arnott MEP

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