Letters – Labour Party MP attempts to rewrite the history of WW2 to fit current Labour Party policies

Dear Editor,

Labour MP David Lammy appeared on the BBC today and stated that a million people died fighting for the “European Project” in WW2.

I would like to make something clear to the Labour Party: Britain and our allies did not fight WW2 in the name of the EU, the EEC, the Euro or even the Council of Europe. Millions of British citizens and our allies lost their lives so that we could defeat an evil Dictator and those who supported him. This should never be forgotten or rewritten.

In recent times the Labour Party has had a worrying attitude towards our armed forces and the defence of the United Kingdom and British Citizens. It is clear that there are tensions in the Labour Party – but I am not going to sit quietly and listen while Labour MPs rewrite the history of WW2 to fit current Labour Party policies. Any politician who attempts this should be ashamed of themselves.



Jonathan Arnott MEP
UKIP, North East



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