Letters – Our Prison Service is in need of immediate reform

Dear Editor,

Recent figures have shown that the number of serious assaults by inmates upon prison guards has skyrocketed.

The Ministry of Justice said there were 595 serious assaults against guards in the year to September 2015 – up 33 per cent on 2014. Total assaults are up 30% to 4,568.

The government must immediately act to address the serious problems of overcrowded and understaffed prisons.  It is utterly unacceptable that the British Prison system has gotten out of control.  It is vital that the government takes this matter seriously, it should not take a prison guard tragically losing their life (and the media outcry that would follow this) to deliver long overdue reforms.

The government has recently found funding to expand the London bureaucracy (paying some of these staff thousands of pounds per day); if they can find money for yet more be bureaucrats, then they can find money for additional prisons and guards.



Jonathan Arnott MEP

UKIP, North East


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