Letters – Public money must be spent efficiently

Dear Editor,

Having seen first hand the impact that previous cuts have had upon the people of the North East, I found it extremely frustrating to hear that the cost of Whitehall bureaucrats has spiraled (with many newly hired staff reportedly being paid thousands of pounds per day) within hours of receiving news that Hartlepool Council has voted to raise Council Tax.

Spending on this area had previously fallen significantly as part of Government cuts which leads me to question why key services in Hartlepool continue to suffer from severe funding problems (not to mention the local Hospital which has just announced that it will lose even more services) if the Government can find hundreds of millions of pounds for yet more bureaucrats in Whitehall.

It is true that Councils such as Hartlepool must spend what resources they have more efficiently, but (regardless of what David Cameron and George Osborne will tell you) the same must be said of the Government. We need more resources for key services, not bureaucrats in London who earn tens of thousands of pounds per month.


Jonathan Arnott MEP
UKIP, North East

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