Letters – What more must the people of the Falkland Islands do until Labour will respect their wishes?

Dear Editor,

Under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, the Labour Party appears to be
taking a very worrying approach towards the Falkland Islands.

In March 2013 the people of the Falkland Islands held a referendum to
decide the future of the islands. The question was “Do you wish the
Falkland Islands to retain their current political status as an
Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom?” The BBC reported that 1,513
voted yes with only three votes for no – an overwhelming majority by any standard.

This makes me wonder why the Labour Party even need to have a
discussion about the matter? I believe in self-determination – Jeremy
Corbyn also claims to support this ideal. So why are the Labour Party
unable to stand behind the Islanders?

What more must these British Citizens do until Labour will respect
their wishes? I find it very sad that any major British political
party is unwilling to respect such a clear mandate in a democratic

I would ask your readers and the Labour Party one simple question:
Should the views of the people not come before the personal views of a
party leader?


Jonathan Arnott MEP

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