North East MEP Jonathan Arnott has expressed shock and anger over news that the total annual pay package for EU judges is now more than £225,000.

 “I am sure pensioners and people struggling to pay their tax will be shocked to hear that EU judges can earn over 300,000 euro per year.

“More shocking still is the fact that in many competence areas, EU law has primacy over that of laws made in the House of Commons by elected representatives of the British people,” said Mr Arnott, UKIP Euro-MP.

Why are we paying a huge amount of money to people who are the final arbiters of laws we do not make?

“It is a bit like serfs paying their masters to abuse them. Well, now we wish to be the masters of our own home, thanks very much.

“The whole EU project is an expensive and corrupt racket,” said Mr Arnott, who sits on the EU Budget Control Committee.

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