Cameron’s EU deal contains ‘nothing of substance’

North East MEP Jonathan Arnott has described David Cameron’s draft EU deal as containing “nothing of substance at all.”

“After all the hot air is this all he is able to come with? You can fool some of the people some of the time but I don’t think anyone will be fooled by his claims,” said Mr Arnott, UKIP Euro-MP.

“He basically asked for nothing of importance and has achieved just that. If he had been serious he would have fought for meaningful changes such as the reintroduction of UK border control so we decide numbers and qualifications of entrants.

“I never expected much and even by those low expectations this is still a bad deal.

“Also the primacy of UK law over that of EU law, withdrawal from the European Court of Human Rights, national control over British fishing waters and reactivating our seat at World Trade Organisation.

“Instead he has come up with a wishy washy package which in reality leaves everything in the hands of the EU and meanwhile Donald Tusk suggests the UK may have to bend further.

“It looks increasingly likely that the EU referendum will be held in June and Cameron’s ‘renegotiations’ announced today make it plain that voting to leave the European Union is the only sensible option,” said Mr Arnott.

“What his draft deal means is more Europe with EU army, EU accession of Turkey – and its 75m residents –  more money to the EU and no control of our borders,” he added.

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