EU legislation harms job prospects for North East residents

Legislation approved today (Thur) by the European Parliament is highly damaging to job prospects for the unemployed in the North East, said UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott.

The new law expands and strengthens the European job site, EURES, by making it mandatory that UK Job Centre Plus puts all jobs publicly advertised with them onto the site.

“Currently employers can voluntarily put vacancies on EURES but this new report means all public sector jobs will have to go on it,” explained Mr Arnott, North East Euro-MP.

“The North East has the highest regional unemployment rate in the country and this EU interference is not going to help local people get into work one jot.

“Figures show that 22.6% of employed people in the region worked in the public sector in the fourth quarter of 2012, which was the highest proportion among the English regions but this new law is likely to change prospects for the future.

Mr Arnott continued, “An opt-out to the new legislation is restricted to cases where it is, “duly justified” but no-one has been able to tell us what that actually means. The legislation also allows for private employment services to apply to join EURES.

“UKIP voted against these changes but they have been approved and it means that

British job vacancies will be advertised to half a billion people across Europe.

“So many Brits are struggling to find work as it is, a problem already compounded by migrant workers, and now they will find it even harder. The Bank of England says that for a 10% increase in immigration in certain sectors wages on average are cut by 1.88%.

“ And not only will this site contain all UK jobs but it will also provide a free cv – job matching service and help people apply for roles in the UK most suited for them.

“It will fast track EU nationals into high paid and skilled UK jobs and it will also require traineeships and apprenticeships to be advertised as well.

“This is going to drive more people to the UK and we can forget the emergency brake, in one fell swoop this legislation will do far more damage than can be repaired – and Labour were happy to vote for it,” he said.

“This is a timely example of how the EU bulldozes its way through our lives and reinforces calls for Britain to leave,” said Mr Arnott.

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