Letters – David Cameron has presented a terrible deal

Dear Editor,

David Cameron has released his EU renegotiation “deal.” I didn’t expect much and even by my low expectations this is still a terrible deal. I am very pleased to see that Government spin seems to have fooled virtually no one; even many of Cameron’s Tory allies have lambasted this deal.

Knowing that the choice will be based on staying in the EU upon these terms or taking our future into our own hands, I feel better than ever about the upcoming referendum. I have already been invited to speak at numerous debates and events across the North East and I am really looking forward to making a case for an independent Britain in the upcoming campaign.

Taking in to account Cameron’s offer, I am confident that the “leave” side can fight a really positive campaign based on a confident, successful vision of a United Kingdom that can stand on its own two feet. I look forward to finally taking this decision out of hands of the political elite and letting the British people to decide for themselves.


Jonathan Arnott MEP

UKIP, North East

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