Letters – These sham negotiations represent everything that is wrong with modern politics

Dear Editor,

The sham negotiations currently being held in Brussels between David Cameron and EU leaders represent everything that is wrong with modern politics.  Whilst Cameron has asked for nothing of substance, it appears to be a heavily choreographed charade designed to make voters think that Cameron has played hardball and won significant reforms that the EU was unhappy to concede.

I would respect the Prime Minister much more if he simply admitted the truth: he wants Britain to stay in the EU regardless of any renegotiation. Instead, he is using the same old dirty political spin and propaganda tricks that have ruined public trust in Westminster to try to trick the British public into thinking that he has secured reforms that will change the nature of our relationship with the EU.

As Mr Cameron has been unable to convince his own party that he has secured a good deal, I have no idea how he hopes to fool the public – but I have no doubt that it will involve plenty of scaremongering (a tactic that has formed the basis of the “IN” campaign’s strategy in recent weeks).


Jonathan Arnott MEP

UKIP, North East

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