Letters – Voters should weigh up the key issues and decide for themselves how to vote

Dear Editor,

Your article (17/2/16) declared “Prince William backing is boost for ‘stay’ camp.”  If this were so, I would have been concerned about our future King attempting to sway the outcome of the upcoming referendum.  Constitutionally a future monarch must walk a tightrope when expressing opinions; the Queen has handled her role with gravitas and dignity for many years.

But the Prince hadn’t even mentioned the EU in a speech that actually stressed the need to work with the likes of the UN and NATO.

When your readers are deciding how they vote in the upcoming referendum, I would encourage them to weigh up the key issues and decide for themselves how to vote.  I hope they won’t base their decisions on spin from the Westminster bubble – this speech by Prince William is an excellent example of politicians twisting a narrative to suit political aims.  Such spin has had a toxic impact on UK politics for years; it is time to move past this.

Indeed, if we do free ourselves from the shackles of the EU, the many international organisations we’re proud to be members of could well become even important than ever as we re-establish our nation as a leading player on the world stage.


Jonathan Arnott MEP

UKIP, North East

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