Letters – The political establishment is producing unprecedented levels of scaremongering

Dear Editor,
Whilst Britain faces one of the most important choices in a generation in the upcoming EU referendum, we’ve seen unprecedented levels of scaremongering by the political establishment in an attempt to influence the outcome.

Unbelievably, Cabinet Office Minister and prominent ‘IN’ campaigner Matt Hancock has refused to confirm that we will still be able to buy foreign cars post-Brexit.

Project Fear is ramping up the volume. Of course we’ll still buy foreign cars as an independent country, just like almost every other nation in the world with possible exceptions like North Korea.

Nissan has already committed to building cars in the North East if we leave the EU; is a Government minister seriously suggesting they would be unwilling to sell us any of those cars?


Jonathan Arnott MEP

Jobs could be lost at the Port of Tyne and Teesport if a controversial proposal passes the European Parliament

Jobs could be lost at the Port of Tyne and Teesport if a controversial proposal passes the European Parliament, a local UKIP Euro-MP has warned. The proposed Port Services Regulation (PSR) will be put before the European Parliament on Tuesday, and has a substantial impact on privately-owned ports. As most continental ports are in public ownership, but most British ports are in private ownership, the United Kingdom will be the most affected.

Ports will be forced to contract out services and appoint at least two service providers, even if only one is required. This will undermine the competitiveness of local ports in what is already a tough market. The proposed PSR would also undermine commercial confidentiality.

UK Independence Party MEP Jonathan Arnott is concerned at the impact the Regulations would have on Teesport: “This proposal is yet another kick in the teeth for hard-working people. Our local economy is under severe strain, and our transport links are a huge part of the fact that the North East is a net exporting region. We simply can’t afford to risk further loss of jobs at a time when our region already has the highest unemployment in the country. The proposal is a timely reminder that staying in the EU actually carries a substantial risk to local people’s jobs.”

The United Kingdom has the Europe’s second-largest port sector, with 344,000 direct and indirect jobs across the country. The British Ports Association oppose the Regulation. Over 75% of UK ports are privately funded and do not receive government subsides compared to mainland Europe where 80% are run by the state or local authorities with taxpayer subsidies, causing unique problems in the UK.

Jonathan Arnott MEP issues rallying cry as referendum campaign hots up

Local UKIP member of the European Parliament Jonathan Arnott has issued a rallying cry to UKIP activists as the referendum campaign hots up.  On Saturday March 5th, activists across the region and the rest of the UK will be taking part in Grassroots Out stands across many of the major population centres.  With over 350 stalls planned across the country, this could be the biggest campaign day yet in the referendum campaign.

Jonathan Arnott urged UKIP members across the region to do their part: “We have just over 100 days to make our case for freedom.  We’ve heard example after example of Project Fear, where a political establishment bereft of ideas are using every scare tactic in the book to try to intimidate the British people into voting to stay.  Their problem is, that they don’t believe we’re good enough to stand on our own two feet.  They believe that we, as the world’s fifth-largest economy, are an irrelevance and a footnote to history.  Well I do believe we’re good enough.  I believe in Britain.  I believe that we can lead the way once more.  If you believe in this country, you have just a few months to help us win this fight.  Please help by coming along to one of the local street stalls this Saturday.  Let’s show that we’re serious about taking back control of our country from unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.”

On Thursday March 10th, UKIP Leader Nigel Farage MEP will be headlining a massive cross-party anti-European Union public meeting in Newcastle.  Speakers are expected to include Kate Hoey MP, Tom Pursglove MP, Peter Bone MP and Jonathan Arnott MEP.  Tickets for the event, organised by Grassroots Out, can be booked online here.

North Shields public meeting ‘a huge success’

Around 50 people braved inclement weather conditions to attend a UKIP public meeting in North Shields last night ahead of May’s Council elections and June’s referendum.  The meeting was addressed by Norman Morse, Sylvia Simpson and Jonathan Arnott MEP.  Norman and Sylvia spoke on local issues including the state of the roads, antisocial behaviour and in support of voting to return to the committee system of local government in the forthcoming referendum.  Jonathan spoke on national UKIP policies and positive reasons for believing that the UK can thrive in a global economy outside the European Union.


Branch chairman Gary Legg said “It was another fantastic evening and a great opportunity to meet local residents.  We were able to counteract a number of myths which had been put about by other parties concerning UKIP.  The meeting was incredibly positive, showcasing both UKIP’s clear commitment to success at local government and the undoubted qualities of our local candidates in the area.”


The meeting was a huge success, with a number of members of the public expressing interest in joining the Party.