My Column – Let me try to beat Project Fear at their own game

Project Fear tells us that life in post-EU Britain will be terrible in their dystopian, cleverly constructed worst-case scenarios for Brexit.

The ‘Remain’ campaigners even rely upon the suggestion that we know what life is like inside the European Union . Better, they imply, the devil you know than the devil you don’t.

They fake a virtue out of the current EU disasters, shrugging their shoulders with an ‘Ah well, at least it’s a known problem’.

No one ever really discusses the real risks involved with staying in the EU, however. I try to be measured and balanced in what I write, but today – as a one-off – let me play them at their own game. What might happen if we vote to remain in the EU?

Just days after the referendum, even Cameron’s so-called ‘deal’ is under threat. It was never legally binding in the first place. A couple of weeks after that, the Greek financial crisis rears its head once more as their EU-imposed austerity is unsustainable. There’s another round of talks over Greece exiting the euro.

Because Greece left it so long to exit, the cost of Grexit has risen enormously. This time there is no fudge and Greece eventually crashes out. The economies of the southern European nations take a massive hit; their investors fear they could be next. It has an impact across Europe, putting our economic recovery in jeopardy.

The migrant crisis continues apace, with moves to make sure the UK takes in more asylum claimants.

The EU doesn’t take into account the fact that we’re pretty much already the most densely populated country in Europe and our infrastructure struggles to cope with the influx.

Amongst the 100,000-plus people who come to the UK there are just a few who are bad apples. Something like the mass sexual assaults in Cologne happens here too. There’s an organised Isis terror cell of just 25 people, but it’s enough to carry out a couple of atrocities in the UK on a scale of that seen in Brussels and France.

Back in the EU corridors of power, Commissioner Moscovici eventually gets his way. We have to put VAT on children’s clothes, medicine and food – hitting kids, the sick and the poor hardest. We get a Financial Transaction Tax which makes our financial services uncompetitive. Jobs leak from the City to Switzerland or America. That costs us tens of billions of pounds in tax revenue; your taxes rise to pay for it. Other EU nations shrug their shoulders; only the UK is so heavily reliant on financial services.

The Dublin II rules on immigration and asylum are repealed, leading to another mass movement of people to Britain. It is only a few years before Turkey joins the European Union, giving it a land border with Syria and unlimited movement of people to the UK.

Our heavy industry continues to decline and eventually gives up the ghost due in large part to astronomical energy prices caused by EU policy, and EU state aid rules.

The pollution is exported to India and China, increasing global CO2 emissions. Our healthcare system is opened up to private competition through large US corporations after the TTIP deal is signed, and we soon see US companies taking the British government to court whenever they dislike our policies.

The moves towards an EU Army step up a gear. Angela Merkel once famously said Cameron would only get his EU ‘deal’ if he dropped opposition to an EU army. It turns out that was his secret deal for getting his pot of stew during the negotiations. With the UK’s military capacity declining, we lose our seat on the UN Security Council. We’re replaced by an EU seat and our influence declines.

More and more businesses go bust thanks to EU red tape. By 2020 we’re begging for another referendum, another chance to leave, but nobody in the political class is prepared to give us another chance to regain our freedom. We’re trapped.

Will everything mentioned in this article actually happen if we vote to stay in the European Union? I can’t say, but it’s far more credible than the nonsense threats being made by the ‘Remain’ camp.

This article was originally published in The Journal.  You can view it online here.

Letters – Imagine America in an organisation like the EU

Dear Editor,

I find it interesting that President Obama is currently in the UK in an attempt to influence our upcoming referendum.  President Obama has been telling the British people to vote to remain in the EU, which makes me wonder if he would consider bringing the USA into an organisation similar to the EU.

Would America allow a parliament in Guatemala to overrule the US Congress? No

Would America allow a court in Peru to dictate to the US Supreme Court? No

Would America allow its citizens to be extradited to Cuba without trial? No

Would America allow another country to control its military? No

Would America allow a foreign power to undermine its healthcare system? No

Would America throw its borders and green card system open to an entire continent and allow uncontrolled immigration from overseas? No

For those who point out that the USA is a federation itself, so is Germany: there is a big difference between a nation and a supranational institution like the European Union. How can President Obama stand before the British people and with a straight face try to influence them into voting to deny ourselves the freedoms and sovereignty which the American people hold so dear?


Jonathan Arnott MEP

Letters – You can still register to vote in the EU referendum until the 7th of June

Dear Editor,
I would like to take this opportunity to remind your readers that even though you can no longer register to vote in this year’s local elections, you can still register to vote in the EU referendum until the 7th of June.  You can register at

I believe that this is the most important political choice that the British people have faced in a generation and it is important that as many people are eligible to vote as possible.  This is a decision that will impact all of our lives for many years to come and it is a choice that will be made by the the British people, not just a small political elite.


Jonathan Arnott MEP


Letters – We must make it very clear that attacks on hospital staff will not be tolerated

Dear Editor,


I was extremely disappointed to hear that a woman who attacked three nurses and a police officer in the University Hospital of North Tees has not been given a prison sentence.


Crimes like this are utterly unacceptable and alcohol is no excuse. We must make it very clear that attacks on hospital staff will not be tolerated – under any circumstances. Medical staff already have a very tough job without having to fear the possibility of being physically assaulted at work. The lack of a jail sentence in this case sends out completely the wrong message about violence against those who are there to protect us.




Jonathan Arnott MEP

UK Independence Party


Imagine the USA trapped in an organisation like the EU

President Obama is coming to the UK to tell us why he thinks we should stay in the EU. Ever wondered what life would be like if the USA were in such an organisation…?

Letters – I’m sure that the North East will deliver a strong and clear vote in support of Brexit in a few weeks’ time

Dear Editor,

I was very pleased but unsurprised to learn that in a poll conducted on your ChronicleLive website, 70% of your readers indicated that they want to leave the European Union. This reflects the sentiment that I have been seeing not only in North East doorsteps and town centres, but in public meetings all across the region.

I’m sure that the North East will deliver a strong and clear vote in support of Brexit in a few weeks’ time; let’s hope that the rest of the country will do the same so that we can leave the corrupt, undemocratic EU and regain our place on the world stage.


Jonathan Arnott MEP

Letters – I welcome action to save UK steel jobs but I am saddened that the government did not act to save the steel jobs that were lost in the North East last year

Dear Editor,

News that the government is willing to take a 25% stake in a rescue bid for Tata Steel’s UK operations may eventually led to thousands of much needed jobs in Wales being saved.

That can only be good, though it may prove tricky to arrange thanks to the EU’s strict competition laws. But I am saddened that the government did not act to save the steel jobs that were lost in the North East last year.

The region has the worst unemployment figures in the country and every single job loss hurts the local economy.

The demise of the British steel industry is devastating but it is possible that much heart break could have been avoided if our hands had not been tied behind our backs by EU legislation.

Brussels red tape has handicapped many different types of businesses in the country, large and small, and voting out on June 23 is the only sensible option.

Yours faithfully

Jonathan Arnott, UKIP North East MEP

Statement on the ‘Out’ campaign designation decision

I supported Grassroots Out for the designation for the official Leave campaign, because I believed that they have massive strengths – particularly, as their name suggests, because of their ability to reach out to hard-working people up and down the country; the grassroots, if you will.

Vote Leave had their own strengths as well, of course, and the Electoral Commission has now officially designated them to be the official Leave campaign for the coming referendum.

Now is a time to put these differences of opinion to one side. It’s a time for us all to work together. UKIP has made it clear that we’ll work with whoever gets the designation.

Of course, I will continue to support all reasonable organisations seeking to leave the European Union. But today I would like to offer my congratulations to Vote Leave, and look forward to working together with them for our common cause of freedom from the European Union.

I look forward to working together with people from all political parties in Vote Leave, and to a happy and productive working relationship.

What happens on June 23rd will define us for a generation; let’s move forward together!

Letters – Teesside steel jobs secured

Dear Editor,

The deal apparently securing the future of the two Tata sites on Teesside saving 700 jobs is fantastic news.

I hope this develops into a long term and successful operation that will continue to provide employment for many years to come. And I am delighted that the plants are to be renamed Brtish Steel by the new owners Greybull Capital.

We all know how badly hit the area is with unemployment and the frightening prospect of the jobs at Skinningrove Special Profiles and Teesside Beam Mill disappearing must have caused many sleepless nights for the workers.

We must fervently hope that all the i’s are dotted and the t’s successfully crossed and the sale goes through without any last minute hitches. These skilled workers deserve a secure future.

Yours faithfully

Jonathan Arnott MEP