Letters – Imagine America in an organisation like the EU

Dear Editor,

I find it interesting that President Obama is currently in the UK in an attempt to influence our upcoming referendum.  President Obama has been telling the British people to vote to remain in the EU, which makes me wonder if he would consider bringing the USA into an organisation similar to the EU.

Would America allow a parliament in Guatemala to overrule the US Congress? No

Would America allow a court in Peru to dictate to the US Supreme Court? No

Would America allow its citizens to be extradited to Cuba without trial? No

Would America allow another country to control its military? No

Would America allow a foreign power to undermine its healthcare system? No

Would America throw its borders and green card system open to an entire continent and allow uncontrolled immigration from overseas? No

For those who point out that the USA is a federation itself, so is Germany: there is a big difference between a nation and a supranational institution like the European Union. How can President Obama stand before the British people and with a straight face try to influence them into voting to deny ourselves the freedoms and sovereignty which the American people hold so dear?


Jonathan Arnott MEP

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