My Column – Where’s Our Moral Compass?

Just as a powerful magnet can confuse a compass, so is political correctness confounding our society’s moral compass. What is right, what is wrong; what merits anger and what merits kindness; what should be lauded and what should be condemned.

Last week in Brussels we saw horrific terrorist attacks. The cruel callousness of those who would attack our way of life merits a robust response. The ideology which gives birth to the perpetration of such atrocities must be fiercely opposed.

When it is the job of political representatives to talk about how best to keep us safe from further attacks, Nigel Farage and my colleague Mike Hookem had dared to point out the elephant in the room – that the existence of the Schengen area adds to the difficulty of maintaining security.

Which of the two events I’ve referred to should elicit moral outrage from left-wing politicians? The butchering of innocent civilians, the devastation of communities, the pressure on emergency services and the all-round inhumanity of these barbaric attacks is what we should be condemning in my view, but instead the Left chose to gang up upon Nigel Farage. To them, that was the real outrage.

I saw an example of the same kind of nonsense myself on Sunday. One of my Labour colleagues tweeted her utter disgust at the protests which had taken place in Brussels over the attacks. From labelling them hooligans and fascists to saying ‘not in my name’ via ‘shocking’ and ‘disrespect’, in just 140 characters the scale of her anger at protestors was made known.

Now, I’m not saying that I disagree with the main point of opposition here: a protest march in Brussels just days after an attack isn’t exactly a sensible way to proceed. What I am saying is that there’s something spectacularly off-beam about using that kind of anger and language to condemn those who protest the attacks, who kill no-one, whilst studiously avoiding the same language to describe the vermin who seek to destroy our way of life by planting explosives in public places to kill and maim innocent people.

It’s human nature that people are frightened by terrorist attacks, and the threat of more. It’s human nature that some people will misunderstand the nature of that threat. Some seem to criticise all Muslims for the actions of Islamic State. It’s wrong to do so. Others seem to put their hands over their eyes and blindly imply that there are no problems which need to be addressed within any mosques in the United Kingdom.

We actually need a sensible, well thought out, considered response to the threat of terrorism. Sadly, that is impossible in the culture of intolerance caused by those who put political correctness above our national security. It’s time that the Left stopped demonising those who take a different view to them. Frankly, they have themselves become as intolerant as the ‘intolerance’ they claim to condemn.

This article was originally published on the Huffington Post website.  You can view it here.

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