Statement on the ‘Out’ campaign designation decision

I supported Grassroots Out for the designation for the official Leave campaign, because I believed that they have massive strengths – particularly, as their name suggests, because of their ability to reach out to hard-working people up and down the country; the grassroots, if you will.

Vote Leave had their own strengths as well, of course, and the Electoral Commission has now officially designated them to be the official Leave campaign for the coming referendum.

Now is a time to put these differences of opinion to one side. It’s a time for us all to work together. UKIP has made it clear that we’ll work with whoever gets the designation.

Of course, I will continue to support all reasonable organisations seeking to leave the European Union. But today I would like to offer my congratulations to Vote Leave, and look forward to working together with them for our common cause of freedom from the European Union.

I look forward to working together with people from all political parties in Vote Leave, and to a happy and productive working relationship.

What happens on June 23rd will define us for a generation; let’s move forward together!

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