EU plans to ban toasters are on hold – until after the referendum

Plans by the EU to ban yet more high powered domestic appliances neatly demonstrates their interfering ways, said MEP Jonathan Arnott, today.

The proposals affecting items such as toasters, kettles and hair dryers have been in the pipeline for more than two years but have been kept on a back burner.

Now it has been revealed that the bureaucrats intend to go ahead with the ‘ecodesign’ restrictions –  but not until after next month’s referendum.

“They are quite right to think this will cause outrage in the UK, just as the earlier bans on powerful vacuum cleaner and some electric ovens did,” said Mr Arnott, UKIP Euro-MP for the North East.

“They have deliberately delayed implementing the latest bans until after June 23 as they know it will encourage yet more people to vote Leave in the referendum.

“All of this is to meet their ridiculous self-imposed target of energy savings of 30 % across the EU by 2030 to tackle climate change.

“We must be free to make our own decisions in this country affecting our own lives, not be dictated to from Brussels. Our politicians are quite capable to making them in our own best interest, not the one size-fits-all mentality of the EU.

“The referendum is a once-in-a-generation chance to break free and regain our freedom to make our own choices for the benefit of our businesses and individuals alike.

“These restrictions on small household appliances will be just the forerunner of a deluge of such prohibitions coming our way if we stay in this failing economic bloc,” added Mr Arnott.

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