Jonathan Arnott MEP reacts angrily to remarks from Pat Glass MP

North East UKIP Euro-MP Jonathan Arnott has reacted angrily Shadow Europe Minister Pat Glass MP calling a member of the public a ‘horrible racist’ for daring to raise concerns about immigration.

Pat Glass, MP for North-West Durham, has been playing a leading role in the Remain campaign for the Labour Party.

She made her comment during a recording for BBC Radio Derby after unnamed voter had referred to a Polish family living in the town.

Jonathan Arnott MEP said “Those of us who hold an elected office are here to represent people, from all walks of life, and to recognise their legitimate concerns. It’s utterly irresponsible for a senior elected politician to brand people with concerns about immigration as being racist, or in this case, ‘a horrible racist’. By smearing those she disagrees with, genuine and honest debate is suppressed.

“It’s also completely untrue for her to suggest that even if we leave the European Union, we must have a deal which will result in free movement of people from the European Union.

“Even Liechtenstein has a deal which doesn’t require them to accept free movement of people. Is she seriously suggesting that the United Kingdom, which is the world’s fifth-largest economy, couldn’t negotiate a deal that’s better than theirs?”

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