Leave the EU or lose the NHS

If North East residents want to save the NHS then voting to leave the EU is only way, said local UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott.

“Leaked documents detailing the hidden details of the proposed controversial Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the United States and the European Union prove that quitting the EU is the only way to save the NHS in its current form,” he explained.

Hundreds of papers released online confirm fears that TTIP talks between Brussels and Washington will lead to the health service being privatised or dismantled.

The documents, obtained by Greenpeace Netherlands, include a US proposal to have a committee with representatives from Washington and Brussels to meet each year “to review state-owned enterprises and monopolies” which would include the NHS.

The committee has been requested by the American investors, who will meet with EU officials once a year to decide the fate of the NHS.

“It goes to show that David Cameron’s assurances on this are as worthless as his assurances on our future if we stay in the EU,” said Mr Arnott.

“This leak proves beyond doubt that if we don’t wave goodbye to the EU, we will have to say goodbye to the NHS.

“Anyone who doesn’t want to see our NHS being run for profit, by company directors from a foreign land, needs to vote to leave the EU,” he added.