What are the EU trying to hide?

What are they trying to hide? That was the question on the lips of UKIP’s EU Budget Spokesman Jonathan Arnott MEP, after the European Commission announced this week that it would delay the presentation of their draft budget for 2017 until after the British referendum scheduled for June 23.

Officially, there is no link between the referendum and the delayed presentation of the budget, but Jonathan Arnott feels that this doesn’t tell the full story.

“The Commission has delayed the budget presentation until after June 23, claiming that it needs ‘more time’ to analyse the cost of the migration crisis. I think what they actually want is more money, not more time, and they don’t dare ask us for it until after the referendum.

“The European Union has spectacularly mishandled the recent mass moves of migration, and no doubt they’ll be expecting us to foot the bill. If the British people vote to remain in the EU, with all the bad EU news currently being buried people may well wake up in July with an EU-inflicted hangover.”

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