Letters – British universities will continue to flourish outside of the EU

Dear Editor,

The ‘Remain’ campaign in this referendum seem to have very short memories and little confidence in Britain. My parents both studied at European universities before we ever joined the (then) Common Market, and plenty of non-EU countries participate in student exchange schemes including Erasmus, yet Remain claim that students’ ability to study abroad would be curtailed if we left the European Union. They claim that British research and universities would be harmed, yet Britain has 6 of the world’s top 25 universities. The rest of the European Union has none; of course they’d want to continue working with the United Kingdom – Europe’s leader in research!

Whilst we’re on the subject of universities, EU students can come to the UK on incredibly favourable terms (EU students can study tuition-free in Scotland whilst UK students have to pay) whereas we charge non-EU students an arm and a leg and make it very difficult for them to get to the UK.

The number of international students coming to the UK from India for example has halved in recent years; so much for universities being places of diversity! They’ve become places of discrimination based upon whether the student’s passport is EU or non-EU.


Jonathan Arnott MEP,
UKIP, North East