Newcastle Council cuts

Dear Editor,

Just a few days ago the Labour group on Newcastle Council decided to give some of the city’s highest paid Council staff very significant pay rises.  It was reported staff who already earned significantly more than £100,000 per year will receive pay rises that can be counted in the tens of thousands.

Yesterday (28/9/2016) I read an article on the Chronicle Live website which stated that Newcastle Council has created an online tool which lets local people decide how they would balance the budget in the face of £30 million cuts.  This tool is designed to give residents the chance to experience the decisions councillors face when drawing up a budget.

Of course, I fully understand that scrapping fat-cat raises for the top Council earners would only save a fraction of the £30 million that’s needed. But the point is one of principle – just like when I introduced amendments this week in the European Parliament ‘s Budget Committee to cut my own salary and allowances (but sadly was outvoted).


Jonathan Arnott

(UKIP Member of the European Parliament for North East England)

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