Re. the new UKIP vision for the North East

Dear Editor

Well done to John Graham (Sep 9) for a spectacularly inaccurate letter attacking me over UKIP’s Vision For The North East, and rebranding it as ‘my’ vision. That’s somewhat insulting to those in the region who worked hard on this document, including our regional chairman Coun. Turner, the leader of the opposition on Hartlepool Council Coun. Tennant, our North Tyneside Chairman Gary Legg, and our Wansbeck Chairman Allyn Roberts to name but a few.

Apparently I’m ‘locked away in Brussels trying half-heartedly’ – a bizarre claim given my 97% voting record and more speeches than any other British MEP of any party, but don’t let the facts get in the way of your stereotypical view of UKIP!

And yes, the North East gets some money back from the EU. But all European Union funding, everywhere in the UK, comes back from the money that we send to them in the first place through our taxes. We could, and should, replace every penny of that money from the UK exchequer – as I have consistently argued.

Then it seems to irk him that we want the Ashington to Newcastle railway line reopened. We’re apparently not allowed to want that because another party also wants the same thing. That represents everything that’s wrong with politics; our Vision is 12 detailed pages but heaven forfend if one sentence happens to agree with another party!

I wonder if he wants a no-platform policy for UKIP on railways?


Jonathan Arnott MEP

UKIP, North East

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