Crime is on the rise all across the North East

Dear Editor,

It was very concerning to read new statistics revealed on Thursday (20/10/16) showing that crime is on the rise all across the North East. Crime rose 35% in Northumbria, 19% in Durham and 11% Cleveland. Northumbria had the highest crime increase in England and Wales.  At the same time, the Conservative government is continuing to make cuts to police funding. What message does that send to criminals? Is there any wonder that crime is on the rise when our government clearly doesn’t see the fight against crime as a priority.

People deserve to feel safe in their homes and on our public streets.  It may be a cliché, but it’s only a cliché because it’s true and ignored by our government: is time to get tough on crime.

The government must give our police forces the resources that they need to protect their local communities, ensure good governance and that resources are focused on front-line policing not pen-pushing. That means fewer police press officers and more patrols on the streets.

We must also ensure that when criminals are found guilty they receive suitable prison sentences – sadly all too often (and much to the dismay of their victims) criminals walk away from court with little more than a slap on the wrist.

The North East already suffers from high unemployment and a lack of government investment. The last thing local people need is rising crime.


Jonathan Arnott MEP

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