The North East needs a business boost

MEP Jonathan Arnott is calling for the government to urgently provide more investment in the North East after shocking figures released today (Tue) revealed no growth in businesses in the region.

“These Office of National Statistics figures are truly dire in terms of the North East and something must be done as a matter of urgency,” said Mr Arnott, UKIP Euro-MP for the region.

“Business must be encouraged to come to the North East so creating much needed jobs and giving the area the boost it so desperately needs. These figures show no percentage growth as compared to 7.2% in London.”

The number of companies in the region registered for VAT and PAYE is just 2.7% of the total registered in the UK, putting it on a par with Northern Ireland.

“Time and again the North East comes out worst in surveys and it is totally demoralising for those who live there and are desperate to make a good life for themselves and their families,” said Mr Arnott.

“The area needs more jobs and without more investment this will not happen and the region will continue to top the unemployment rates in the country.

“It is just not good enough for the term ’Northern Powerhouse’ to be bandied about by those in high places as if catch phrases will make everything better. We need action – and we need it now,” he added.

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