Labour are worried that their pro-EU message may not be resonating with voters

Dear Editor,

The media has reported that senior Labour figures have blamed their poor performance (a drop from second to fourth) in the Sleaford by election on difficulties caused by voters’ focus on Brexit.

It seems that some in Labour are worried that the pro-EU, pro-uncontrolled immigration, anti-patriotic, anti-monarchy and anti-armed forces message so beloved by the disproportionately London-centric leadership of the Labour Party may not be resonating with ordinary voters across the nation.

Some commentators will no doubt suggest that voters across (the very much pro-Brexit) North East will be equally turned off by this modern Labour Party and its priorities. Scotland has already turned its back on Labour (even the Tories now surpassing them) and they have lost huge ground in their traditional Welsh heartlands too. If we in UKIP can get things right, the North East will be next.


Jonathan Arnott MEP

UKIP, North East

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