I do not feel that David Cameron is a suitable candidate for the office of Secretary General of NATO

Dear Editor,

The political establishment recently launched a campaign to promote David Cameron as a candidate for the next Secretary General of  NATO.


David Cameron oversaw a government that made savage, reckless, shortsighted and damaging cuts to our armed forces – particularly the Royal Navy. As a result of these cuts the UK’s Army, Navy and Air Force all significantly lack equipment, manpower and funding.


Given the Cameron government’s failures in this regard I do not feel that he is a suitable candidate for the office of Secretary General of NATO. NATO needs to be lead by someone who is actually committed to defence and will push member states to meet NATO spending targets.  NATO is vital to British, European and global security; its Secretary-General should be someone with a proven track record when it comes to defence.


After Tony Blair’s disastrous time as Middle East peace envoy, perhaps our country could do to learn a thing or two about the advisability of ex-Prime Ministers grandstanding on the world stage.

Jonathan Arnott MEP

UKIP, North East

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