The government must be prepared to fight for our fishing industry

Dear Editor,

Democracy has prevailed! Article 50 has been triggered and the United Kingdom is leaving the EU. Talks between the UK and EU will kick off soon and many different priorities have been discussed in recent days; these have included everything from defence and security concerns to the wellbeing of London bankers.

One policy area that I feel has not received enough focus from either politicians or the media is our fishing industry – particularly here in the North East. We are a coastal region whose strong traditional fishing industry has been decimated thanks to EU policies which have caused untold misery and unemployment. Brexit represents a chance to start to undo some of these mistakes and could give the fishing industry a chance to prosper. We must stop foreign vessels overfishing our waters and rebuild our fishing fleet.

However, this will not happen if Theresa May and her government do not view this industry as a priority. British fishermen have been let down countless times since 1972; it is only fair and right that they be prioritised now. The Remain campaign did not agree, but our fishermen and the wider fishing industry are every bit as important as trendy jobs in London and our government must be prepared to fight for them.


Jonathan Arnott MEP

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