The North East needs investment, not empty promises

Dear Editor,

New reports suggest that North East schools would get an extra £323 million per year if they were based in London.  The worst thing about this?  I am not even slightly surprised.

Just about everything in the North East is underfunded when compared to other parts of the country (especially London).  Roads, railways, the NHS, ambulance services and schools are just a few examples of public services that have been underfunded in the North East for a very long time.

At every General Election Labour and the Conservative Party come to the North East promising investment, jobs and opportunity. They tell us that the North East has been overlooked for too long – but nothing ever changes and those same politicians  always come back making the same empty promises at the next election.

The North East needs investment, not empty promises – it is a great shame that successive Labour and Conservative governments have shown no interest in providing this investment.

Jonathan Arnott MEP

UKIP, North East

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