Yet another sickening crime against an animal

Dear Editor,

A dog has been burned alive in a bin bag, after a catalogue of recent offences including a nail hammered through the skull of a dog before burying it alive, a horse stabbed in the legs, neck and abdomen, and thugs filming themselves torturing an animal to death. These sickening crimes happen regularly, as readers will know.

Many culprits escape jail altogether. But when was the last time that for any such offence, no matter how horrific, anyone ACTUALLY spent more than 2 months in jail? I honestly can’t remember it happening. The maximum sentence is 6 months, which is discounted to 4 on a guilty plea – and those sentenced to 4 months are released in just 2.

When the very worst offenders spend no more than two months in jail, it’s time to change the law. A 5 year maximum, as recommended by Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, would be a good starting point.

If MPs thought there were a million votes in it, there’d be a Bill on the floor of the House of Commons within hours. Instead, out-of-touch politicians (with some notable exceptions like Anna Turley) continue to ignore this outrage.


Jonathan Arnott MEP

UKIP, North East

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