The EU’s House of European History is a wildly extravagant vanity project

The EU’s House of European History, which is to open its doors on Saturday (May 6) has been criticised by MEP Jonathan Arnott.

“This wildly extravagant vanity project – which has cost at least £44 million of taxpayers’ cash after costs spiralled out of control – is devoted to explaining the history of European integration.

“In one way, I suppose the House of European History is a great metaphor for the EU itself: the public never asked for it, it’s cost far more than we were originally told, the money is being spent on self-serving propaganda, and British citizens are expected to pay for it even though it’s based in Brussels and does nothing for the UK,”  said Mr Arnott, UKIP Euro-MP for the North East.

The museum in Brussels’ Leopold Park will take visitors along a timeline of major historical events across the continent starting in the 19th century, through to the two world wars (which Brussels has previously misleadingly described as ‘European civil wars’) and a discussion of their relationship to the founding of the EU.

“The exhibition ends with a discussion of the EU’s future – well the writing is on the wall for it. It has no long term future as it has always been a flawed project which is institutionally incapable of reform.” said Mr Arnott.