Plans to spend taxpayers’ cash on lavish EU party ‘laughable’

Plans to lavish almost £50,000 on an end-of-year party for EU officials has been described as “laughable” by local MEP Jonathan Arnott.

The proposed eight hour party for up to 1,400 Council of the European Union civil servants will involve 700 bottles of fine wine and a top-class dinner with 26 different dishes to cater for every taste.

Details of the annual ‘do’, planned for between late October and December, emerged after the council published a call for tender to catering companies.

“This is so outrageous as to be laughable,” said Mr Arnott, UKIP Euro-MP.

“This £48,600 bill will be met from the council budget which is funded by Britain and the other member states

“They should be endeavouring to make savings not spending taxpayers money like Monopoly notes.”

Mr Arnott, a member of EP’s Budgetary Control Committee, continued, “People in this country think that our Westminster politicians and civil servants are out of touch. The situation in the EU is a million times worse and here again is another example of utter profligacy which highlights why Brexit is undoubtedly the correct route for Britain.”

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