The government plans to impose vicious cuts upon the Army Air Corps.

Dear Editor,

I was deeply disappointed to learn that the government plans to impose vicious cuts upon the Army Air Corps.

Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party have been justly criticised for their attitude towards our Armed Forces but the record of Tory governments under both David Cameron and Theresa May have been equally appalling.  Despite this record, the Conservatives tend toreceive relatively little criticism for their decisions towards our Armed Forces.

The Conservative Party like to talk big on defence spending and constantly say that they view our Armed Forces as a key priority for any government.  However, the actions of successive Tory governments have proven that these are no more than empty words designed to win votes.

Defence must always be a priority for the British Government but it appears that neither our current government nor the official opposition can be trusted to properly defend our nation and give our Armed Forces the resources and funding that they require.

What a deeply troubling state of affairs.

Jonathan Arnott MEP

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