Dear Sir,

You can’t beat a fish and chip supper, but how often do we stop to think about where and how the fish was caught?

We all know that our fishing grounds have been decimated by the EU Common Fisheries Policy and so many of our traditional fleets, including in North East, have literally been left washed up.

Now the EU Commissioners are making a bad situation worse by ignoring their own scientific advice to allow a destructive fishing method which is making the seabed ‘a desert’.

This involves letting Dutch fishermen use electro-pulse fishing on British fishing grounds – despite an EU ban on fishing with electricity.

Frankly this shows a blatant and outrageous disregard of the environmental impact and scientific evidence to assist an ailing Dutch fishing fleet through profit creation.

Meanwhile increasing evidence is coming to light showing how the electricity used is snapping the spines of mature cod and it points to electro-pulse killing vertebrates and invertebrate species; eradicating most life on the seabed. It is a method already banned in China.

I fear that there is the awful potential for an ecological disaster in both British and EU waters yet next week the European Parliament will vote on relaxing the rules on its use.

Yours sincerely

Jonathan Arnott MEP