Brexit Day and democracy has been betrayed

“Today is the day the United Kingdom should have been leaving the EU – and just look at the appalling mess we are in,” said local MEP Jonathan Arnott .

“It is a disgrace that this country finds itself in such an uncertain and chaotic situation because of incompetent and self-serving MPs.

“As we are all well aware 17.4 million people voted in June 2016  to leave the European Union, no ifs or buts, just to leave and today was supposed to be Brexit Day.

“We had the fiasco of the eight inconclusive parliamentary votes on Wednesday and now we hear that MPs are to vote again today (Fri) on part of the deal negotiated with Brussels,” said Mr Arnott, Independent Euro-MP for the North East.

“But it will not be what is described as “a meaningful vote’ and won’t include a vote on our future relationship with the EU.

“No-one could have foreseen what a complete mess of negotiations would be made by our politicians in Westminster. But perhaps we should, given that so many have always been in favour of remaining shackled to the failing economic bloc that is the EU.

“I never thought I would see democracy so blatantly trashed by those elected to represent us and it will not be forgotten by the British voters who opted to leave. They have been betrayed and it is shameful.’