Bringing hope to children across the world

It’s that time of year again! Charlotte (mainly) and I have been working on getting shoeboxes packed to send to children in some of the world’s poorest countries for Christmas.

This has always been my preferred type of charity. It’s so important to know where your money is going, to know that it’s actually going to end up in the hands of the people who need it.

Items like toothbrushes are luxuries to many of these kids. There are grim stories of children in orphanages having to share toothbrushes, who’ve never so much as owned a toy.

We pack cuddly toys, pencilcases with pens and pencils, notebooks, colouring books, hygiene kits, hats and gloves in every box. Then depending on the age/gender of the child and what we’ve got to pack, we might manage to squeeze in other things – an inflatable football and pump, a board game, a pack of 24 crayons, toy cars, and so on.

We’ll often go to church and find people have brought a few items to go into boxes, and my mum’s always been helpful.

Last time I was in the USA I brought back 50 packs of crayons. Each pack cost 33 cents. Imagine trying to find a 24-pack of crayons in England for under a quid, let alone a quarter of the price.

Our conservatory is currently packed with 311 boxes, hoping to maybe get a few more before they’re picked up on Wednesday. Some of them are in the photo.

To answer the two biggest questions we usually get:

1. Yes, it’s a Christian charity.
2. Yes, we do also support charities and foodbanks helping people who are disadvantaged in the UK.

If you’re interested in sending a shoebox, but don’t have time to source all of the items to pack it, it’s possible to pack one online and choose from a list of items here.